Have you ever felt loved?

Do you ever feel like you are the only person on this planet who has never been loved my anyone? I’m not talking about your family and friends here, but like love, or even a simple and pure liking by someone for you??

Isn’t it like the worst feeling? To feel like no one can ever like you and always doubting yourself… Finding faults in yourself, always trying hard to win everyone’s heart, but it feels like all your pleas are unheard, doesn’t it??

It feels so bad when all your friends are in a relationship, and even worse when they start ignoring you, doesn’t it? I’m sure all of us have been there, at least most of us, including me.

I was a teenager when I was going through the same, all my friends, legit all of them were in a relationship, and I was at a point where no one had ever even proposed me. I used to cry out to myself and guess what’s even worse? No one even understood my point because I was going through a totally different issue, something not all of us get to experience. I guess you gradually learn to cope up with it and move on from it. That’s what happened with me.

This problem might look petty when you look back in life, but I feel that it was one of the most difficult phases to go through as a teenager. Your heart has to go through so many things, your body is experiencing so many changes, anything and everything in your life makes you insecure. And getting a feeling that you are the loner, that no one likes you, that you can never be anyone’s first priority sucks. Doesn’t it??

What do you think about this? Share your experiences in the comment section below!

Let’s start

Hi guys! So this is a very random post ahah, lemme tell you the story behind posting blogs

Initially I just made an account and thought of many many ideas but never published anyone of them and today I just wanted to have a proper purpose for writing blogs that is saving environment, aka the most necessary thing but idk why out of the blues I just want to talk about something different something we all need to talk about it life.

Feelings! How do you actually feel? Honestly when I created an account on this site, it was the day I felt really really sad, I didn’t want to talk to anyone and was annoyed by everyone… I was like the loner for a couple of days (idk why I didn’t post anything back then lol, but here we are!!)

But, nevermind here I am writing my first ever blog, so getting back to the topic “feelings“, well do you feel like you are in an awesome and such a social mood one day and the very next day you feel like you have no one and everything seems to suck around you, you feel useless and used at the same time and miss those days when everything felt perfect, even though nothing has changed since then, just the vibes around you? It happens to all of us, atleast most of us and still we continue to think of us as the losers and keep sulking but hey, I guess we can have a totally different approach to that!

You know what you need during such days? You need to pep yourself up, go and party, go solo! Who the hell cares? Enjoy yourself, don’t give a shit about what others think and just be yourself. Relax yourself! I mean shouldn’t that be your first priority? Anddd partying doesn’t always means going out with friends, dressing up and drinking. Just order a pizza, put loud speakers on and dance, dance like there’s no one you should be liable to answer to and enjoy yourself!! Go girls and boys, queens and kings, princesses and princes, you gonna rock this world!!! Love ya all ♡♡♡♡

You guys know already it was a random post but I’m more than happy if I could help someone out:)

Do lemme know in the comment section about how you feel and if I could be of any help to you guys:)
Love you socialintrovertes ♥️ (isn’t all of us one anyway??)
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